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About GIHM

Sometime mid 2000 Gandhi Institute of Hotel Management (as it presently named) started its operation with the name Gandhi Academy Of Management Studies. The location being a corner of the greater Calcutta – Salt Lake. The vision and the mission being to impart education in the professional field of study to the young and budding students of the Eastern and North Eastern India. Our dream was to give these students a Global Exposure with a pocket – friendly budget. We started with a set of 26 bright young students that year – they were a real support to show to the world – the prize of the Millennium was here.
We extend our gratitude to the parents and guardians of the students who extended their immense help and support till date, so also did the students and the relentless efforts of all our faculty members and all other staffs of our institute encouraged good stay and good results from the students. The state of the Laboratories also was of immense help for the students, thus with all honesty the mission of G.I.H.M. stands as the forerunner. To top it all was excellent placement.
Gandhi Institute of Hotel Management achieved a number of accolades churning its operation in the past dreads. It was awarded the NAVA JYOTI award for being the best institute for placements for the years 2005 and 2008. The Rotary Saw wan award for being for being the institute conducting courses for the Economically challenged students; and the RONTIER award in the year 2010 by the states for maximum Global Exposure of the students from the Eastern part of India.